40rty Calling: Our Brand Story

40rty Calling: Our Brand Story

In December 2021, Co-Founder Rachel had what she likes to call a "shower epiphany." It was one of those moments of clarity that strikes at the most unexpected times. She recalled hopping out of the shower to get the idea down on paper (or in her case her Notes app). She didn't know it then, but that seemingly ordinary shower marked the beginning of 40rty Calling. 

Rachel knew when she was about thirty-eight and a half years old that turning 40 wouldn’t be just another milestone. Although the countdown to 40 comes with mixed emotions,  from excitement and joy to sorrow and anxiety, she knew this new era was also an opportunity to embrace life in its fullness.  

When Rachel lost her best friend Sharron to suicide in March of 2022, she realized just how delicate the transition could be. 

Just a few weeks before what would have been Sharron's 40th birthday, Rachel stumbled upon the note that she had written envisioning a community rooted in celebration and authenticity. And in that moment she felt compelled to bring this vision to life. Although she had no idea what she would be creating, between her questions to God and her tears the name 40rty Calling came to her. 

As the ideas began to flow, Rachel reached out to her sister, Patty, and invited her to work on this little project with her. And on November 11th, on what would have been Sharron's 40th birthday, 40rty Calling was launched.

In the near year and a half since its inception, we continue to answer the call, for Sharron and for every women on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and empowerment, in the pursuit of purpose and connection, and choosing to live and celebrate life out loud.

Our Mission: Celebrating Life's Journey

At 40rty Calling, we're more than just a brand; we're a vibrant wellness-centered community committed to inspiring 40rty-ish women to live and celebrate life out loud. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster community where every woman feels accepted in their journey of loving where they are and who they are, where growth and authenticity are celebrated, and where they feel supported and empowered to walk boldly in their calling.

Our Core Values

  • Community: We believe in the power of genuine connection and creating spaces where relationships flourish organically.
  • Authenticity: In a world that often demands conformity, we champion individuality and provide a safe space for unapologetic self-expression.
  • Purpose: We are passionate about helping women identify and walk in their calling (i.e., purpose), guiding them on their journey of self-discovery and growth.
  • Empowerment: We empower women to embrace their potential, intentionally and powerfully manifest the life of their wildest dreams, and live life boldly and unapologetically.

      What to Expect

      We are excited to build out our blog with resources and content that is relevant to the woman living and thriving in her late thirties, forties and beyond. Here are just a few things you can expect:

      • Community Spotlights: Meet the incredible members of our community and discover their stories of triumph, resilience, and authenticity. We believe in the power of community, and we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on the voices that make 40rty Calling so special.
      • Lifestyle Tips and Inspiration: From fashion to wellness, and everything in between, get ready to discover tips and inspiration that celebrate the uniqueness of this chapter. Whether you are looking for styling inspiration or tips to revive your skin care routine, we've got you covered.
      • Personal Growth and Mental Wellness Insights: Explore articles and interviews that inspire personal growth and empowerment. Whether it's tips for navigating life's transitions, mental health resources, or stories of resilience, our blog is your go-to resource.
      • Behind-the-Scenes Peeks: Dive into the heart of 40rty Calling with behind-the-scenes glimpses of our journey. From the creative process behind our apparel designs to the stories that inspire our mission, we're excited to share our world with you.

      Join us as we embrace what it means to be "40rty, melanated, hydrated, well-rested, and unapologetically you!" We can't wait to celebrate life's journey with you and encourage you to drop a comment below to share what you’d like to see on the blog!

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