In December 2021, Co-Founder Rachel had what she likes to call a "shower epiphany." You know, when you are in the shower and have an 'aha moment' so good you have to hop out of the shower to get it down on paper (or in her case her Notes app).

She didn't know it then, but that was the moment when 40rty Calling was born.

Rachel knew when she was about thirty-eight and a half years old that 40rty was going to hit different. She also knew that she wanted to mark this milestone by doing things (yes, plural) that would solidify this moment not only as one to be celebrated, but one that should be embraced in its fullness as a 'new era.'

For many women, the countdown to 40 comes with mixed emotions - from excitement and joy to sorrow and anxiety. When Rachel lost her best-Sharron to suicide in March 2022, she realized just how delicate the transition could be.

Just a few weeks before what would have been Sharron's 40th birthday, Rachel found the note that she had written about this community during her morning devotion. And in that moment she felt a strong calling to move on the idea. Although she had no idea what she exactly she would be creating, between her questions to God and her tears the name 40rty Calling came to her.

And the rest is history.

As the ideas began to flow, Rachel reached out to her sister, Patty, and invited her to work on this little project with her. Within a couple of weeks, on November 11th (Sharron's heavenly birthday), 40rty Calling was launched.

So we answer the call, because she cannot. And we invite you to join the journey and answer the call to live and celebrate life out loud.

Meet Our Founders


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