Join our newest baby: 40rty Calling | the Community, a virtual community space and our little corner of the internet, that is all about community and connection.

Something happens when you are pushin' 40rty. It's a season ripe with anticipation. And whether it is anxiety, excitement, or something or everything in between, once you've hit THE milestone, the call to step into your new era is undeniable. It goes beyond celebrating a birthday. It is a feeling that you deserve to be celebrated everyday and that you are committed to embracing life unapologetically.

But it's not always so straight forward, especially when competing with what the world says about who you are and what you should be doing or have accomplished by '40rty.'

But 40rty is not the end.

In fact, 40rty is calling you to step into your purpose and join this community as we hold space for one another and make room for all 40rty has to offer.

40rty Calling promises to deliver unique experiences, cultivate spaces where you can connect and create bonds with other women who are living out loud, and elevate conversations about issues that are unique to this chapter of our lives. From meetups and luxury retreats to virtual discussions about topics that matter to you and opportunities to delve deep in our POWER4UL coaching groups, there is something for you.

We hope you will answer the call and join us.