40rty is calling to tell you how it started with Co-Founders Rachel Andre Glenn and Patricia Andre-Fadiran

40rty is calling to tell you how it started with Co-Founders Rachel Andre Glenn and Patricia Andre-Fadiran




We recently shared our brand story, and on this premiere episode of the 40rty Calling Podcast, Co-Founders Rachel Andre Glenn and Patricia Andre-Fadiran sit down for a candid conversation that gives listeners an inside peek on how it all began. From their relationship as sisters and business partners to the moments that inspired 40rty Calling, Rachel and Patty take listeners behind the scenes in this emotional reveal of what to expect from the podcast. Be ready to walk away inspired to follow your calling.

How It Started – The Foundation of 40rty Calling: The Bond Between Sister Co-Founders

Rachel and Patty are more than sisters; they're also best friends and business partners. In this hilarious segment, they quip over the story of their first meeting, presumably Patricia’s birth date. With a four and a half year age gap, they share how an already close bond grew stronger as they aged, and how their deep bond and shared vision laid the foundation for 40rty Calling. 

How It Started – The Conception of 40rty Calling

The idea for 40rty Calling was born out of Rachel's desire to celebrate her fortieth birthday in a meaningful way. After losing her best friend Sharron to suicide in March of 2022, this desire evolved into the question: “What is forty calling you to do or be in the next season of your life?” With more than a little nudging from God, Rachel was inspired to create a platform for meaningful conversations around the unique issues impacting women ages 35 to 50, from career transitions to mental health. 

In this segment, Rachel and Patty openly share how Rachel’s initial ask to Patty to be “an ambassador” for 40rty Calling eventually morphed into a powerful ask for Patty to take on Rachel’s dream and join her in creating an apparel brand and community. 

Patty said, “It’s funny that you said that you didn’t want to do it by yourself. I feel like I could sense that, and for me…I felt like I didn’t want you to do it alone, especially since I knew what you had been through that year already. So I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to do this for my sister even though I know it’s going to be a lot!” And with that "yes," the sisters began their journey to building a community that encourages women to embrace the transition into their 40s and celebrate life out loud.

How It Started – The "It's Not Too Late" Series

After Rachel’s fortieth birthday in July of 2023, she had a revelation of why she was led to create 40rty Calling. She said, “40rty Calling became like this love letter to a friend. And one of the things I thought and that kept coming to me is "It's Not Too Late!" She shares how she believes messages about what women can and should achieve by their fortieth birthday contribute to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and depression around career, relationship, and life milestones, for example getting married or having children. She said, “it’s everything I wish I could tell Sharron.” This and the desire to inspire other women who had been sharing their own struggles with the social clock is what led to the “It’s Not Too Late” series. 

The Instagram series, which featured the stories of 20 women and their reflections on overcoming a particular life transition or milestone through resilience, reinvention, and faith, was well-received. The message that “it’s not too late to do whatever the hell you want” is at the heart of 40rty Calling. It is a reminder that no matter where you are in life, it's never too late to pursue your dreams, make a change, or start something new.

How It Started – The 40rty Calling Podcast

Rachel set out to create a podcast in 2021, before 40rty Calling was even an idea. After the “It’s Not Too Late” series, she had yet another revelation of the importance of giving voice to the stories of women entering midlife and challenging the status quo by showing what it means to be forty and thriving. With this in mind, the 40rty Calling Podcast went into production starting with interviews some of the women featured in the popular “Its Not Too Late” series.

The 40rty Calling Podcast will feature thought-provoking conversations with host, Doctor Rae, and 40-ish women who are fearlessly embracing life’s transitions and celebrating their lives out loud. Each inspiring interview will leave you with actionable insights to help you walk powerfully in your calling. Each season, Rachel will also be joined by Patty for select episodes focused on sisterhood, building community, and navigating the complexities of life and business as 40-ish black women. In addition, tune in for solo episodes where Doctor Rae shares practical tips for navigating life's twists and turns with confidence and authenticity.

The 40rty Calling Podcast is the next natural step in our journey and the stories and experiences that shape us. Whether in a season of self-discovery, seeking inspiration to pursue your passions, or craving connection as you navigate this unique chapter of your life, 40rty is calling you to join this transformative journey of empowerment. Be sure to subscribe to the 40rty Calling Podcast on your favorite podcast platform, follow us across social media @40rtycaling and connect with us in our free virtual community at thecommunity.40rtycalling.com.

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